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       August, 2013
  • Davor Radic welcomes the new operating Director Edvin Kaloper. Davor will remain in supervisory board.

       July, 2013
  • First bags of our material from Häcksler went to shops

       June, 2013
  • Unfortunately, hogs like our wheat!

       April, 2013
  • Spring comes and our seeds turned green

       December, 2012
  • We planted winter wheat and buckwheat for the first time

       November, 2012
  • We bought agricultural equipment for our eco-projects

       October, 2012
  • During low demand for textile division we started to learn plaiting, Korb flechten, an old and dying tradition in the Una valley. Our teacher whom we thank herewith again was Mr Kadrija.
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       September, 2012
  • Ekobis showed that there is demand for compost and H채cksle material and thus was successful.
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       August, 2012
  • Happy to announce that we will participate with our H채cksler at Ecobis Show in Bihac.
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       August, 2012
  • The first order for our H채cksle (shredded wood/compost) was received.
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       July, 2012
  • Finally a high-quality book about the Una is available!
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       June, 2012
  • Now postcards for Kulen Vakuf and upper Una valley are available!
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       May, 2012
  • For the second year we made our eco corn flour using local variety and traditional mill.
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       April, 2012
  • The reconstruction of first house proceeds. For more info click here!

       February, 2012
  • The textile team celebrates the 2nd year of operation

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Häcksler - Compost making machine

We have recently started with a Häcksler - Compost making machine.

This machine can process branches of trees up to 8 cm into a granulate which will decompose/become compost. Therefore there is no need to burn the branches which pollutes the environment. The rent for the machine is € 30,-- per day plus transport cost from Kulen Vakuf to place of work.
For details please kindly contact: Davor Radic 061-860-427


YouTube YouTube

The granulate that the machine makes looks like that (see photo)

The granulate can be left rotting on its own which will take about 1,5 years until it becomes compost. If you want to accelerate that you can mix the granulate with regular waste from garden, grass, waste of cows or sheep.

The granulate itself can be used right away in the following ways:

  • to decorate garden (see photo 1, photo 2, photo 3)
  • to prevent weed from spreading out in garden (see photo)
    Naturally decoration and weed prevention can be combined. And as granulate slowly rots away it adds its minerals etc to earth and works as fertilizer.
  • the granulate can also be used a buffer, using its damming effect on a playground (see photo)

In November we used compost made by the shredding machine one year before

You can call Mr Almir Hrnjic (tel: +387 (0)61 370680) for info about the utilization as well as the supply of material and the renting of the machine.


The first two customers were found in Bihac and Kulen Vakuf for this material to decorate garden use as fertilizer.
We are very happy and grateful about that development and consider now to participate in Eko-Fair in Bihac September 7-9, 2012.


See our brochure describing our participation in Eko-Fair. Click here to download!

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